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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Road Trip...Sort of...

What might qualify as a road trip, but not like the good 'ol days when gas was affordable.

Actually, I'm just going to spend a couple days with my sister and brother-in-law about 70 miles to the north of where I live. Since she is driving here to visit mother Thursday, I'll ride back with her -- because we will be taking the dogs with us! Wheee! Have NO idea how they will cope with that long trip, but I do plan to have them in a spacious travel crate in the backseat, and give them a pet "herbal/calmative" beforehand.

My sister's dog died last winter; he, Chalky, was about 15 years old, and they still haven't gotten another one. Both insisted I bring the dogs, since they miss having one of their own. I packed "doggie stuff" to carry along, and hope it'll be fun - at least once we get there.

I do take the dogs with me to parks, the groomer, etc. and usually Rambo, the min-pin, travels well. Oscar is kinda like a little kid who keeps looking out the window and whining: "Are we there yet?" Once he's actually gotten out of the car, went on a short walk, he's content then to ride. So we have a plan to remedy that too!

My lady renter will check on the cats, though I have them set up with large feeder/water containers. I'll also have three cat litter boxes for them, which should do easily for a couple days without changing. However, I feel better just knowing someone will check on them while I'm away.

We have plans to maybe see a movie, eat out and just catch up on sister/best friend talks! They'll bring us back home on Saturday afternoon, then drive on to Birmingham where my nephew is looking for an apartment. Next year he will be a part-time architecture intern at a firm there, as well as still finishing up the last of his courses.

So....a long overdue getaway is at hand. I haven't been out of this county since DH died, and not visited my sister since he died. I stayed with her when DH was in the large city hospital, and I guess I've been reluctant to go back for that very reason. But it's time now, and I'm ready.

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Oh dear I think it sounds lovely.