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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More pictures

As promised, I will post a few more photos from my trip.

We're having nice weather, if a bit hot, and I hope to go for a long bike ride after walking the dogs. I went to the library yesterday and found four great movies on DVD. "Miss Potter" I watched last night and it was wonderful! It's about the life of children's author Beatrix Potter. Remember "The Tale of Peter Rabbit?" I do! Beautiful movie with great actors: Renee Zelleweger and Ewan McGregor. Check HERE for details.

I also got a good novel by Thomas Cook, "The Cloud of Unknowing." He's one of my favorite mystery authors, and if you've never read his work, I suggest you hurry to the library and begin now!

Sunday afternoon the renter's called, and invited me over. They surprised me with a gorgeous landscaping job on the front yard, and I do mean gorgeous! All kinds of flowers, a border along the curved sidewalk, and neat, freshly mown yard. (Will try to get a photo soon.)

I'm liking them better and better, and beginning to feel I will be able to call on them for almost anything -- moving my furniture, helping me get large stuff home in their pickup, even help with my critters should I become ill. THIS is a huge relief, because I have been searching for exactly these kind of tenants -- since I'm willing to cut down the rent sometimes in exchange for help. They seem willing to do anything without charge, but I always feel better to "pay my way." Plus, I genuinely LIKE them both; they are friendly, easygoing and yes, pay the rent on time! Maybe I've struck gold this time; at least I'm hoping so.

So without further delay, here's the photos:

Oscar & Rambo on the back deck, checking out scents

Rambo doing his thing in the back yard

Back of sis & bro-in-law's house. Have no idea why only two people need this much house!

Home again! Nature welcomed me with a spectacular sunset from my own backyard. Can't beat home sweet home, be it ever so humble.

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