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Friday, June 06, 2008

Hot day pictorial

The environment is heating up, HOT, HOT, HOT here in the South (and elsewhere); the stock market is heating up, then taking a dangerous dive; politics are HOT, scary and promising a heated ride into November; and basically, it is just HOT summertime.

Yes, already. Even before the official first day of summer.

Oscar went out to check the temperature:

"Dude, it is HOT out here!"

And Bitty Kitty was like:
"You ain't tellin me nothin!"

(The cats have access to an air-conditioned laundry room AND an electric fan on their screenporch, but often choose to stay on the screenporch)

Finally Oscar succumbed to the lure of the cooler house and lounger:

But he couldn't get the best place -- Rambo, as Top Dog, always lies right beside the air conditioning vent:

"Yeah, I'm The Man!"

Needless to say, long walks are reserved for past 7 PM, and biking not before 8 PM.

As I age, I hate extreme HEAT and COLD. Maybe I should consider moving to a more year-round mild climate? Any suggestions?

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