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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Of course, smooth sailing in life couldn't last for long. DH seems to have passed a kidney stone, and now has an infection. He saw the urologist this morning, but is now home and taking antibiotics. Hopefully, he'll be okay in a few days. Hey, it could have been worse.

Soooo, I'm still researching on adoption... You know, the more I understand the issues (pro and con) I just wonder why an unplanned pregnancy doesn't end in abortion? That is what I would do, IF I was so stupid as to get pregnant and not use birth-control. Goodness, I was determined NOT to have kids when I married, and visited the GYN prior to my wedding night and got some birth-control pills. {Yeah, I was a virgin!) I AM SO GLAD THAT THERE WAS THAT OPTION, SINCE MANY, MANY WOMEN IN THE PAST DID NOT HAVE A SAFE BIRTH CONTROL ALTERNATIVE TO AN UNWANTED PREGNANCY!!!!!

At any rate, I think the article I'm writing will end with my being an advocate for "open adoption"...if there must be one. That way, there'll be no nasty surprises in the future for those who "thought" they were doing the right thing by having a child and giving it up for adoption. No obnoxious confrontations by "junior" far into the future, when you have got your life together...and NO ONE wants the youngin intruding.

Live and learn, huh?

I planted a bunch of flower seeds today, though somewhat late. Still, I think the flowers will add a nice, pretty touch to the yard here. We're having LOTS of rain today...but I did the planting during a sunny period between rain showers.

Oh, city cat is home and doing fine. I had to laugh at the vet assistant saying they had to handle her with a leash, since I TOLD them she DID NOT like being handled! She likes being petted, but oh boy, you try to do anything to her, like giving medication, etc...and she goes ballistic.

Outta here for now!

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