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Monday, June 07, 2004

Humph! Who knew we had a Saint among us? Am I the ONLY person in America who wasn't a Ronald Reagan fan? Sure, as an ex-president he deserves respect...but give me a break! The man had his flaws, and after it was revealed (shortly after he left office) that he had Alzheimer's disease, I wondered if he had it BEFORE vacating the White House. How else to explain his "lapses of memory" when bad decisions were made?

Do we really want another senile President?

Or just another cheerleader like Bushie?

And who was running the country back during Reagan's reign? Was it perhaps Nancy? And if so, why no outrage by the Repugs, since they seem shocked at Hillary's input as First Lady? Methinks I smell hypocrites.

Ah, well, in a worn-out phrase from those 80s days, when others bow to worship at the Throne of Reagan, "Just say no."

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