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Sunday, June 06, 2004

At last...the kitten has started nibbling solid food! I had tried to get her to lap up the formula mixed with chicken baby food to no avail. If I stuck her nose in it, or put a bit on my finger, she'd just shake her head, sling off the mess. I finally bought some kitten chow, since she is teething. I was able to get her to chomp on some of that, as long as I fed her out of my hand. But this morning I sprinkled some dry formula on the kitten chow, mixed with a bit of warm water...and at first she resisted, but then suddenly she put both front paws in the dish, started "kneading" like she does when nursing, and began to eat the food! Whew, I'm SO glad; it was a huge chore hand-feeding her all the time. I will still supplement with hand-fed formula maybe three times a day, but now I can put out food and water, so she has access to it when she is hungry.

Bitty kitty, the mom cat, is also doing well. I picked her up from the vet Friday, and locked her in the shed that night. She DID NOT like that! But when I let her out Saturday morning, she came straight to the back porch and has seldom left it. I fixed a box for her to sleep in, and put her dish of food/water out there. I think she'll stay primarily in the back yard, or on the porch...lessening the chance of her getting hit on the road in front of the house. Her incision is doing fine too, and I'm keeping an eye on that; she'll have stitches removed in about 10 days.

Otherwise, I'm still busy as ever. DH is doing some painting this morning on the front of the house, and we plan to buy new green shutters for that area soon. I did extensive cleaning yesterday and today.

I went on my bike ride late yesterday afternoon, and it was very pleasant, mild temps. Also, we discovered there's a video rental place in the small mall near the subdivision where I ride my bike, and rented a movie last night: "Cold Creek Manor." I'd been anxious to see this movie, because it involved an old broken-down house in foreclosure bought by a yuppish couple from New York. The ex-con who lost the house comes back to create serious trouble. When the movie was released, we were coincidentally looking at some property in foreclosure which we eventually learned was owned by a man in prison (and we didn't buy it partly due to his incarceration). At the time, I had thought the situation would make a great story! Anyhow, the movie was okay...fairly predictable though.

DH made a small satchel to put on my bike handlebars and I can just drop by the video store when I'm out riding my bike, if we want a movie to watch. Nice, huh?

I still haven't had time to get all the birth/death dates of the previous owners of this house copied off the tombstones. Nor have I got any digital pictures of the gravestones yet, but hopefully I can do that next week. I also want to type all that into the computer, and post it here too.

And that's it for today; we're going on a short ride later, just to get out of the house for awhile.

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