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Saturday, June 12, 2004

I've spent a nice few days, culminating in a self-indulgent time yesterday in town. I went to the library, browsed and found some good novels to read; then I went shopping at some local stores I used to shop at frequently. The heat was terrible, but I did enjoy the day.

Then late yesterday afternoon, I finally took my camera to the cemetery and got some pictures of the previous house owners' graves. I won't post all of those here, just this one of the man/wife who built this house:

Original owners of our house Posted by Hello

I took many photos, and will eventually use those to list the names/dates of birth/death when I create a ownership chart to put on the wall here in the house. Quite a task ahead. I still have to get a photo of the original owners graves who bought the 40 acres. I have seen their tombstone, but couldn't locate it yesterday afternoon; the heat forced me to give it up after a good long while there. I have to locate the graves of another couple that owned the 40 acres before the Abercrombie's, but I am fairly sure they are also buried in that cemetery.

In the meantime, the kitten is doing great. She's eating now, and is very playful. Bitty kitty, the mom, is also doing well and I'll take her next week to get her stitches removed. Here's some recent photos:

Kitten, six weeks old Posted by Hello

Bitty kitty (mom-cat) looks in the back door at kitten Posted by Hello

Kitten playing with new toy Posted by Hello

And that's it for today.

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