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Monday, June 21, 2004

I have a few new photos posted below this entry. Over the weekend, DH and I did a few more improvements on this old house! We put up the new victiorian-style screendoor at the front entryway; added green shutters to the front of the house, and started working on renovating the old wash-house in the backyard.

The old wash-house still has the original plumbing inside, which came from the old well, still here too! At any rate, we are stripping off the peeling white paint, had to jack it up and get it back onto the cement foundation, do some repairs and will paint it soon. We bought an electric spray-painter Saturday, which should truly help speed along some of our painting projects around here!

In the pictures of the house front, you may notice fresh dirt; we're working on putting in a sidewalk. DH used the tractor to drag that original sidewalk at the rear of the house to the front; and we'll add the bricks from the old chimney he tore down to make the walk longer. One reason we wanted to preserve the sidewalk is that it has someone's initials in it, dated 1935! But we still have a good bit to get done on that yet.

I also posted a picture of the backporch, but it is somewhat cluttered right now. The small original window from the house will be used to hang where the old window was taken out, with a mirror behind it. I'm just getting started on that though. You may notice a wooden gate at the top of the steps; that is to keep the raccoons (and any stray dogs) off the porch because I feed the two outdoor cats there. There are a couple of huge, FAT racoons that wander around in our yard at night, and usually eat any cat food I leave out in the yard, so I moved it to the porch.

And as to the cat situation, Kitten is still thriving and getting into her wild playful moods. But I'm enjoying having fun with her now. Tomorrow I'm taking the city cat into the vet for a checkup, her shots and...perhaps to be spayed. I am not sure if she's ever had kittens, but I think she probably needs spaying anyway. Bitty Kitty is doing great, feeling sassy and back to killing small prey; I found two field mice dead on the porch a couple mornings ago, so she's "on duty."

I'm also doing a great deal of research about adoption, and plan to write something very soon on that topic. There's been no disturbance in my life from that lately, but I did have some good ideas to write about on that topic and thought I'd do that soon.

And that's it for today. Photos follow below...

New shutters on front of house Posted by Hello

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