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Monday, December 01, 2003

Not much new to report, except that I went on my bike ride this morning...and it was a brisk, cold ride too!

Last week I didn't ride at all, and today it seemed as if I were starting all over again. I did use the ski machine last week, but that is not like riding a bike. Plus, it was windy this morning, but I got too warm in my wind-breaker jacket as I rode in the park. I had gained up to 97 last week, but cut down on calories the past few days and I'm back to 95. If I ride the bike, I can eat more calories; and yet, it's amazing I can eat as much as I have been and not get back to 100. I think the hard work at the old house has helped me stay this lower weight, and I DO gain when I'm not exercising and/or working.

I have the new photos online, although there are only three. These are all outside shots, since I walked around the pasture/yard Saturday since it was too cold to work inside the house. You can either find those on the right side link to "Renovations" or click here and look at the bottom of the page.

Yesterday we went on a rambling drive, which used to be our regular Sunday afternoon outings. It was nice to get away from work for awhile, but we ended up back at the old house -- to feed the horses and just look around. DH straightened the fence that runs alongside the highway yesterday morning, as well as cut some of the overgrown hedge-bushes off of it. He's also straightened the fence beside the barn, and will next straighten the fencing along the narrow dirt road. This weathered wooden fencing looks really picturesque, and we are going to keep it, just needs a bit of TLC. I already have the barn-red paint for the barn, but haven't had a chance to paint it yet; and the trim will be white. I think that will make an immediate improvement in how the barn looks, and add to the overall "farm" look.

One thing the real estate ads in this area use to sell a small acreage (like ours) is to call it a "mini-farm." I've seen ads for places no better than ours will be (when finished) for as much as $150,000.00. Another attraction to our location: Birmingham people who are heading north out of the city, but within a reasonable commute back to their workplace. Our place is located near the southern end of this county, closer to Birmingham, and a few miles south of the house, there's already a rush of new people out of the city looking for "mini-farms." ;-) And of course, it's within a couple miles of the only junior college here, as well as another safe, small town.

We currently live in the county seat, but the small town near our old house/land is quaint and picturesque too...much smaller and more like the typical small southern towns of yesteryear. I think the population is only a little over 2,000. Of course, across from the community college is the small strip-mall, where there's chain department and grocery stores, fast food establishments, etc. -- which makes it very convenient. I believe it would be safe to say our location there will be "country living with city conveniences!"

Oh yes, there's a slight possibility we may be getting Igor, the miniature donkey back. I think the girl's parents are growing tired of taking care of him for her. Also, I hope at some time in the future (after we're moved) to get a miniature horse, although I have no idea about what kind.

About five miles from the old houseplace, there's an exotic animal auction, which handles all kinds of exotic animals. That's where Igor came from, and we might go there eventually. DH knows of several local people who breed miniature horses, and they are sold at horse sales too. I just want one because they are so cute and small, and seem like they'd be a good pet -- I'd rather have one of those, I think, than a dog. I'd be afraid a dog would get run over on the nearby highway, and I can't bear the thought of penning up a dog. We'll see, I guess.

I've actually been reading a great novel, almost finished with it. Good time to read in the evenings when there is NOTHING but sentimental crap on TV for Christmas. The title is "Guest Shot" by David Locke. It is a thriller, and deals with a plot I've often wanted to develop myself: What if a billionaire became a serial killer? All that money at his disposal would surely make him harder to nail, right? And what if he managed to go on a nationwide TV talk show, without revealing his identity by electronic means, and talked about his killing? This novel would make a great movie.

And that's all she wrote today, folks.

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