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Saturday, December 27, 2003

A few lines for an update today. I just haven't had time to write in this journal, or write any of my email friends this week. Whew! Very, very busy!

As of today, DH has almost completed closing in the front porch, making it a sunporch with storm windows/white siding. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looks, and I'm sure it will be even better as we finish the details, i.e. shutters, etc.

I have been painting the interior woodwork, and was amazed at how much brighter, lighter the semi-gloss white made it appear. Apparently the woodwork/doors had been an antique white, which just looked dirty or yellowish. As I painted, I sure felt like I was at last making some visible progress. I'm still not through with it all, but will work on it more next week.

I am planning to paint kitchen cabinets tomorrow -- or at least get a primer coat on most of them. I took all the hardware off, cleaned it and will either replace it or paint it separately. Quite a job!

Today I went to Wal-mart and bought all the mixed flat interior latex paint for every room. It only cost about $ that's not too bad. I think I'll like the colors, once we have it all done. DH will help me on Monday, since it supposed to rain all day that day. Our dishwasher is almost installed; the friend needs to get a special saw to do a bit of trim work, but otherwise it's sitting in place, and should be good to go on Monday afternoon.

I'm just VERY tired today, but progress IS being made. Hopefully I'll have some new photos of the sunporch in a few days...for an update in the picture album.

VERY nice weather here the 60s, sunny. Too nice to stay indoors.

I just have to say one thing...about the mad cow disease. First of all, since I read about that cow being slaughtered when it was OBVIOUSLY sick, paralyzed...I just haven't been able to make myself eat beef! I mean, WHY would they kill a cow in such condition, knowing it was SICK, and turn it into hamburger (which is what they did) and SELL it for human consumption...BEFORE the test results came back? MONEY, that's why. I can't look at beef without feeling the urge to gag. Seriously, the FDA needs to stop that kind of practice. Additionally, the cattle industry NOW seems to be trying to do "damage control" ... saying that ONE cow must have come from Canada. GIVE ME A BREAK! I doubt we will EVER know the facts of this, since it is going to COST the cattle industry... Do we really want to wait around till some American comes down with that brain wasting disease transmitted from eating mad cow? YUCK!

I am thinking of becoming a vegetarian ... Maybe I should read "Fast Food Nation," since the book seems to raise such issues about "unclean" meat industry practices.

Enough. I must get the evening meal... More when I have time.

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