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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Just a brief update this morning. DH is already at the old house, working. Believe it or not, he put in two windows yesterday and is working on the last one on the east side of the house now. At this rate, he'll have all the windows done within a few days.

I went there yesterday, painted another closet interior. I've about seen enough of the insides of closets! It's a rough job, in that being in such an enclosed, small space the paint fumes are pretty bad. I have been painting the ENTIRE closet, and I do mean all -- top, sides, etc. At least they will all be fresh and clean for our clothes.

I also went on my bike ride in the park yesterday morning, since DH fixed the flat tire. It was brrr cold, but I wore my windbreaker outfit and made it fine. I felt like I NEEDED some aerobic exercise, and that did help me feel better.

I am hoping that once we're moved I may be able to ride my bike along the narrow dirt road to the side of our property; it's about a couple miles long, very few houses and almost no traffic. There's a few gravels on it, but not in the places tires usually it would be okay for biking. At the end of the road, there's a large cemetery with paved paths, which I could then ride. I LIKE riding in a cemetery; the dead are such QUIET company! :=)

And speaking of moving, we are definitely thinking about rushing it all up faster. DH will come back today around 2:00, and we're going to get those huge glass sections a friend gave us (for enclosing the front porch, making it a sunporch). Each one will need trimming/cutting at the glass store, but then they should be ready to put in. IF DH can get that done next week, while I paint inside, then the second week he can help me finish painting.

We may not complete the front living room, so far as painting goes, but otherwise, the rest of the house should be livable. It would be great if we could move sometimes in January, and be there to do the remainder of work. We'll put the cats on the front sunporch until the room at the back is finished, so maybe....just maybe we can move sooner than thought.

And that's it for today.

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