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Monday, December 22, 2003

Another brief update.

Yesterday DH and I got the glass, then he took it to the glass store today to be cut to fit on the front porch. The same friend who gave us the glass is there today, helping DH install the dishwasher. Yah!

Yesterday I also went through all the stuff I've collected and/or bought at the Salvation store for the old house, and found that I DO have enough curtains, sofa/chair covers, etc to move when the time comes. That's good news, and will help when we are ready to move -- hopefully sometimes in either late January or early February.

Today I spent the day running errands, buying groceries, more paint, etc. When I got home, I immediately went on my bike ride...which was nice, since it's a mild 55 degrees out there today.

I also got some more movies at the library, on DVD and video. The other movies we watched were fairly good, some better than others. I highly recommend, "Catch Me If You Can," with Tom Hanks. Not only is it suspenseful, with a meaningful theme, but it is a TRUE story too. "Chocolat" was okay, nothing all that great in my opinion.

Here's an excerpt from an article today about more troops being killed. It IS terrible that so many U.S. soldiers are losing their lives over in Iraq. On the other hand, it must be even worse for the innocent people being killed and their relatives. I mean, just read this excerpt:

2 U.S. Troops, Translator Killed in Iraq

In Samarra, a 70-year-old man died when U.S. troops put a bag over his head and prepared to detain him Sunday night, Iraqis said. Neighbors said Mehdi al-Jamal died of a heart attack.

One person was killed during an airborne raid Sunday in Jalulah, on the house of a sheik suspected of directing local resistance, said spokeswoman Maj. Josslyn Aberle of the 4th Infantry Division.

A 60-year-old woman was killed Sunday when soldiers blasted open the reinforced steel door of her home, said Lt. Col. Henry Kievenaar, who was directing the Army's 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in raids in Rawah.

In Baghdad, the military put out flyers threatening to jail people who sell gasoline on the black market. The flyers cited new laws providing for confiscation of the goods, fines of double the value of the goods and jail sentences of three to 10 years.

Iraq is suffering severe fuel shortages caused by distribution problems, dilapidated equipment and sabotage by insurgents targeting the oil infrastructure in an apparent attempt to undermine the U.S.-led occupation.

If you want a personal, first person viewpoint of how it FEELS to be living there, I suggest you read Riverbend's blog, "Bagdad Burning." There's a link to it at the bottom of this site.

Tomorrow and the next day I'll be PAINTING like crazy at the old doubt there'll be another entry till late in the week.

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