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Friday, December 19, 2003

Haven't been updating this week, no reason other than my usual "Holiday Blues." I go through this every year, and had hoped it would not come around this time, due to all the work at the old house. However, I have to admit the blahs aren't as intense; mostly I just feel less energetic and unenthusiastic.

Today is DH's last day at work for two weeks, and we are going to be at the old house every day working. Except for Xmas day, when we may go see that new movie, "Cold Mountain." That is, if we can find it showing at a theater within driving distance. I doubt it'll be at our local theater, but one can hope.

I went to Wal-mart yesterday and survived the crowds. I needed a few items I can ONLY find there, or I'd not have bothered to go. I'd almost rather take a beating than tackle that HUGE warehouse store, and always end up spending too much. I didn't yesterday though. I did look at paint, and found their price is about one dollar per gallon less than Lowe's and Marvin's flat latex mixed interior paint. So no doubt, I'll be making a trek there soon to buy all the interior paint. Hopefully not till after Xmas though.

My bike still has a flat, and I've not been getting enough exercise. I'm about to use my ski machine though, soon as I post this entry.

I'll end with this excerpt from a poll about Bush's ratings going up after the capture of Saddam. {Speaking of Saddam, his picture right after capture looks worse than Nick Nolte's mug shot!} Anyhow, Bush's ratings went up ... with a couple of exceptional comments noted:

Bush's Approval Ratings

There was also clear public disapproval about some ways that Mr. Bush has responded to the war at home. For example, two-thirds of Americans, including most Republicans, said they disagreed with the White House policy of prohibiting news photographers from ceremonies where the coffins of Americans troops are brought home.

The White House says that the policy is intended to protect the privacy of the families of the deceased; Democrats and some critics of the White House say it is intended to avoid the publication of emotionally charged photographs that might harden opposition to the war.

Along those same lines, two-thirds of respondents said Mr. Bush should make it a practice to attend the funerals of some Americans killed in Iraq. (That said, a quarter of respondents said, incorrectly, that Mr. Bush was attending those funerals.)

Actually, I think that the majority of Americans don't even realize that Bushie won't allow news coverage of the returning bodies of our dead soldiers. I think it's just plain censorship...but what else is new?

No telling when I'll update again, but maybe I'll get in a few minutes of writing sometimes during the next weeks.

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