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Monday, December 15, 2003

A busy weekend, and we actually got a good bit accomplished at the old house. Saturday it rained all day, so we stayed indoors there, DH finishing sanding the sheetrock joint compound. I painted another closet, which leaves two more to be done. But at least the largest one is finished.

And AT LAST, the gas line was installed and the furnace working! Whoopee!! About time, is all I can say.

Saturday night I noticed my eyes started burning, my sinuses giving me fits. I didn't sleep well that night, and on Sunday we had an all-day trip to the Tennessee state line to buy saddles at a discount price, which DH later sells for a profit. It was a gloomy, overcast day all day...but the trip was sort of a nice diversion. On the other hand, I felt lousy -- my joints aching, especially my knees.

I have minor knee injury from being a runner, and occasionally they act up. Particularly if I overdo on the bike riding -- and I did last Thursday. As I rode in the park, I noticed I was getting a flat on the front tire, which made peddling that much more difficult. I did make it home before the tire went completely flat, but my knees took the brunt of the extra hard peddling. I don't know when I'll get the flat fixed, and I'm frankly not in a hurry...since my knees will have to recover.

Last night I didn't sleep much at all, and today I'm feeling rather disoriented. And that made it doubly difficult to have to take one of my cats to the vet -- which resulted in her having to be put to sleep. I will miss CutiePie a great deal, but there was no avoiding the fatal affliction she had. Now I only have five cats, and don't plan to get any more till all these are gone -- which I hope is longer that I expect. All that has made me a bit depressed, so I moped around today and cleaned house instead of doing any writing or causing eyestrain at the computer.

I think that some of the sheetrock dust got in my eyes, even though DH kept that room closed off and he wore eye/nose mask on Saturday. I later did some vacuuming in there, and I felt my eyes stinging. Sunday my eyes were very, very red...and my sinuses are swollen. I am going to have to be extremely careful to stay out of such dust, even with a mask, because it seems to compound my sinus problems, and make me just very nearly sick. I'm still feeling lousy today, but at least the awful sinus headache seems to have abated. Sure hope I sleep better tonight too.

I am still processing the Saddam capture -- although I will say that I don't think it'll stop "insurgent" attacks on Iraqis OR American troops. Glad he was caught, but am wondering about the trial situation.

And by the way, have any of you looked up the word "insurgent" in the dictionary? Here is the precise meaning:


--A person who takes part in a rebellion in the hope of improving conditions

--A member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment

Adjective: Insurgent

-- In opposition to a civil authority or government

Interesting, no? And that first description is quite enlightening, eh?

More when I feel better...hopefully sooner than later.

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