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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I spent most of yesterday doing household chores and then finding and printing out some legal forms for when we rent this house. I found an excellent form, "Application to Rent" under our current state's legal realtor laws. It is very detailed and asks specific questions as to income, past rental history, credit standing, etc. and should narrow down any chances of getting unsuitable renters. Certainly, if anyone goes to the trouble to fill it out accurately, we can do a credit check, employment history and past rental reference confirmation. I plan to put a "For Rent" sign out front, with a small plastic box with the "Application to Rent" in it, so that potential renters will have the necessary information without asking us. They can fill out the application and either mail it to us, or bring it by. I also will then have a Lease ready to sign, once we approve of a renter. And by the way, I can put in a pet clause, so that anyone with cats is preferred; no dogs though.

Today I had errands in town, and also some shopping to get done. I think DH and I will go to my family gathering tomorrow night at one of my sister's houses, instead of on Thanksgiving. Probably we'll be working at the old house on Thanksgiving -- indoors, since heavy rain is predicted all day that day.

I have started using my ski machine in the afternoon, since the weather has either been too cold (hit 25 here last night!), or rainy. I use my portable cassette player, plug in the earphones and ski like mad!

I see that the U.S. military officials are now claiming those dead soldier bodies were not brutalized. Ha, as if anyone believes them. All their denial does for me is convince me they are hiding MORE such atrocities; that's their nature, denial and lies. I mean, how could Americans back here at home know what is going on over there, considering Bush won't even allow the media to film the flag-draped coffins of dead soldiers when they are returned here? The media is also in danger over there, so I am sure they don't cover events as thoroughly as they would otherwise. Plus, the military has restrictions on the media access. I guess the American public hasn't had enough of the secrecy just yet; it took YEARS before we ever raised hell about the slaughter of soldiers in Vietnam.

I've put up a forum for anyone who wishes to discuss and/or comment on my journal entries. You can access it HERE I'll add a permanent link on the right side of this blog too.

And that's it for today.

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