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Sunday, November 23, 2003

A very busy day yesterday. I managed to complete painting the inside of the hall closet, and it sure did give me a sense of accomplishing something. With the mess throughout the old house, any evidence of progess is helpful.

Today I'll head to the old house soon. I plan to paint the inside of another closet. I can close the doors on the closets, and not expose the new paint job to all the dust of sheetrock. DH is already there, plumbing for the gas water heater, which is in the cellar. The central heat/air is still not finished, nor the natural gas line installed, but the heating unit is already in the cellar. DH will hang sheetrock later today also.

Horrible news out of Iraq this morning:

Three U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq

MOSUL, Iraq (AP) - Gunmen killed two American soldiers driving through this northern Iraqi city Sunday, and then a crowd swarmed the scene, looting the soldiers' vehicle and pummeling their bodies, witnesses said. Another soldier was killed in a roadside bombing north of Baghdad.

Bahaa Jassim, a teenager, said the soldiers' vehicle crashed into a wall after the shooting. Several dozen passers-by then descended on the wreckage, looting the car of weapons and the soldiers' backpacks.

After the soldiers' bodies fell into the street, the crowd pummeled them with concrete blocks, Jassim said.

This incidence reminds me of our troops in the movie: "Black Hawk Down" ...where the citizens literally ganged up on the troops and after killing them, drug their bodies through the streets. Of course, the movie was based on the real American troops in Somalia.

I wonder why Bushie thinks that the Iraqis are supposed to LOVE us, when it is plain they HATE our guts? You can't just waltz in and destroy a country and expect the citizens to welcome you. Oh, I know...these terrible attacks against the troops are "insurgents." Excuse me, I don't think so. They are citizens that are FED UP with the horrid living conditions there ever since Americans bombed them back to the Stone Age. Look for more such displays of FURY against troops' dead bodies.

Gotta run. Lots to do today!

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