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Friday, November 07, 2003

A final update before the marathon weekend of working on the old house again!

I've spent another couple busy days, but am pleased that I'm finding so many bargains. Today as I started to the grocery store, I noticed (once I was out of the driveway) that one of the stray cats had upchucked on the hood of my car. So I went around the block, intending to come back and hose off the stuff.

As I rounded a corner on a block I hardly ever pass, I happened to see they were having a yard sale. And lo, there right on the curb was another loveseat for...believe it or not, FIVE DOLLARS. I drove on to my house, hosed off the car and went back to the yard sale pronto! Got out, sat on the loveseat, looked it over -- and though not as good as the other loveseat I bought, cause it has some weak springs and a couple rough spots on the cushions -- it was still worth FIVE DOLLARS. So I bought it, AND a dried flower arrangement for 50 cents. Now when DH gets home, he'll get to gripe about having to go get it on the pickup bed, but hopefully there'll be a guy around to help him there.

Why would I buy yet another loveseat? Well, I am sort of thinking of renting our house here in town as "partially furnished." We can get more rent, and we also can't get all of our furniture (even without what I've recently bought) into that other old country house. With a kitchen that has stove/fridge/dishwasher/bar and some furniture in the den, a bedroom suit in one bedroom...we can ask more rent.

Plus, I am definitely going to be a pet-friendly landlord to anyone with cats, since there's a perfect setup here for cats, but probably no dogs allowed (they aggravate neighbors). I downloaded some legal forms today for landlords who wish to put a clause in their lease for allowing pets, and it will help a great deal. IF I can find someone willing to feed these strays, I may just leave them; if not, I'll carry them both with us. I also have a sneaking suspicion if I advertise that cats are welcome, I may attract people without kids. Darn if I wouldn't rather have a cat than a kid in this house!

I bought groceries today, then came back and went on my bike ride. The weather has turned much cooler, and it was a nice ride...sort of refreshing after the unseasonably warm weather of late.

Tomorrow it's back to the farmhouse...more work, work, work. Probably I'll paint the inside of those cabinets while DH works on replacing the kitchen windows. We went there last night, to see how much progress the central heat/air crew has made. They had all the ductwork in, and just needed to put the return inside a closet then will be working outside with the heat/air units installation. They won't finish that today, but perhaps by the middle of next week it'll be done.

DH is off Monday (taking a vacation day) and Tuesday for Vet's we have a four day stretch with uninterrupted work. If we survive it, that is! :-)

Gotta go for now.