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Monday, November 10, 2003

Brief update, since I'm in a hurry to head for the dentist office. I have a 1:30 appointment for teeth cleaning, and know that I'm going to have to schedule another appointment to get a crown put on one of my bottom teeth. Just what we need: more expenses. However, I've known about this for some time, just kept putting it off and dreading it. The enamel of the tooth has gotten less and less, and can hardly hold the filling that's in it...thus, a crown is the only solution. Oh well, at least our dental insurance pays half of it -- though it should pay ALL, IMO.

Worked some on my wine that I'm planning to give for Christmas gifts and it is turning out great. Did housework, and will head for the dentist in a short time.

I DID get underneath and inside the kitchen cabinets painted the past two days, and there wasn't really anything I could do today so DH went alone. The central heat/air crew should be there again today, working on installing the outside units. I did yet MORE cleaning from the last mess they left inside, and hope that part of the job is done. Tomorrow I'll go with DH again to the old house, and do a few other random things.

By the way, DH got all three kitchen windows installed and it turned out perfect. Probably next Saturday we'll go buy all the windows, a dishwasher and then install the windows as time permits. A friend of ours will install the dishwasher free, which is a big help!

And that's about it for catching up on the latest. Oh, I also made another entry in my CR Diet Blog this morning, adding an article and excerpt about calorie restriction in regards to aging.

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