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Friday, May 02, 2003

As usual, my day has been busy. Normal morning, bike ride (lucky to get in park alone), housework, cat care, etc.

I did at last get my ink for my printer, and can hopefully print out a few flyers to post around town about my pet sitting work. I will try to do that tomorrow morning, and take those to various places to post. Don't know if I'll get any clients, but I am going to at least TRY.

Also updated my photo album with the cemetery pictures and created a new folder for Stray Cats. I feed quite a few regular city stray cats here, but rarely see most of them. However, occasionally some do stop by long enough to get photos. One is a regular: Old Fellow. He is somewhat tame, but I KNOW he's a stray due to his looks/health. Most of the regulars are male, but one is female -- she gets in heat, but never becomes pregnant. And as Martha Stewart would say, "It's good thing." Enough unwanted cats now in the city. But I feed every day, keep out fresh water and dry food. When I see Old Fellow or the other males, who sometimes lounge around my backyard, I put out some can food for them. Only Old Fellow and the female tabby will allow me to touch them. I hope to get more pictures in the future of other strays, if I can.

I'll end today with this quote: "There is a conundrum inherent in the arts, no matter what the medium or when in history - namely, artists have always been forced to band together to a certain extent, since the arts has always been an underground activity and most artists can't make it without the help of their peers. But artists are notorious for hating each other, mostly because of the combination of egotism and dysfunction inherent to most people who choose to attempt the arts for a living." --Jason Pettus

Till tomorrow or next time...

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