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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Bummer! Trying to make a decision about the house/property in a rural area today. It IS within our financial means, but I am wondering if it's worth the hassle of changing our lifestyle? Living in a small town (as we do) is greatly efficient; we've saved money, have a mortgage-free home, and peace of mind. On the other hand, DH is heavily involved in his horses, and if we bought this place, we'd have a beautiful, large pasture for those. And he'd enjoy living in a rural area. I'm born-and-bred townsfolk, so I don't think it'd appeal to me as much. BUT, will I regret it if we don't buy this place? A delimma for sure!

Here's an insightful story for all:

A conversation between an Indian and a

Banker: Red Arrow, you really should apply for a loan.

Indian: Why?

Banker: So you could start a business.

Indian: Why?

Banker: So you could make a lot of money.

Indian: Why?

Banker: So you could save some of that money for retirement.

Indian: Why?

Banker: So you wouldn't have to work, you could sleep in the mornings, hunt and fish all the time, have a beer whenever you want and take life easy.

Indian: But I'm doing all that now...

There's gotta be a life lesson in there somewhere.

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