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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I finally, finally was creative late yesterday afternoon. Poems, poems, poems! I'd forgotten just how delicious it is to create poetry, how it seems to come from somewhere you can't explain. Quite an experience.

Still lots of rain/storms in Dixie today. Not much to write about, so I'm going to post my latest poetry. Enjoy!

The Pier

There you stood
In your misspent youth
Cool-hand Luke handsome;
An arrogant, criminal grin
On your thin, angular face
Mischief in your sky-blue eyes,
Wind in your wavy blond hair,
A tall, lanky man on a pier--
Behind you, the endless vista
Of south Florida ocean.

Captured forever in a picture
I once seen in your sister's collection
(My favorite of you)
Tangible proof of your charisma
Held in my trembling hands
Touched and caressed
By my adoring gaze.

Oh what I'd give now
To own that photo
To touch, to kiss, to hold
With reverential memory,
And know you were once
So real I could taste
The essence of your existence...
Gone, lost to that distant past
Proof I'll never know again
Such love in this bleak lifetime.

Precious Past

Vanished, but still I'm haunted
By your melancholy song
A man too charismatic
To ever be so real.

I know you are dead
Lying in a cold stone tomb
Or ashes scattered and lost,
But your memory is still here
Deep in my aching heart.

How could you be dead
When I've loved you so long?
How could you leave life
Without even saying goodbye
To your own kindred soul?

You know I always missed you
(I loved you more than life)
And I always waited
Patiently for your arrival
To take me far away
From dull, ordinary reality.

You went alone anyway
To a sweet oblivion.
I can never forgive you
For that betrayal
--Leaving without me!


For so long I could not write
I only saw your penetrating eyes
Haunted by a lover lost, you,
But now I know
Your absence is beyond
The realm of my understanding,
And my deepest loss
Was far back in the past
When I was still youthful
Enough to be naïve, hopeful
That life had meaning,
And you could reach out
To me, caress my kisses
Return gladly to my arms...
But you are gone,
Forever lost back there
In a sweet yesteryear.

We failed to grasp the moment
And let time cheat us
Of a love so intense
It killed our passionate hearts.


There will be ashes over us all
In time's burnt-out sun
When all we humans have done
Becomes meaningless, useless.

There will be no shadows
Of our human loss,
An earth barren as dust,
And none of us will matter
For time will be done, gone,
The trivial quest of humanity
A joke, a jest, an eccentricity
And our ignorant arrogance
That life was somehow important
Will have ended in nothingness.

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