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Friday, May 09, 2003

A few insightful, interesting quotes to pass along today:

"The truth may be hazardous to those who tell it, but truth is not dangerous, disinformation is." --Elizabeth Neuffer, journalist killed in Iraq covering the aftermath of the war

"People who claim they support free speech but try to destroy people whose speech they disagree with are liars. When confronted with speech we disagree with, we are entitled only to exercise our own free speech and say, "I disagree." But if we attempt to punish the people with whom we disagree, we are revealing ourselves as fascist bullies. Trying to silence someone with whom you disagree is not respecting free speech. It is the act of a totalitarian who fears above all an open and honest debate." --Charley Reese, columnist

"What drives our choices and our decisions is not cold, hard reason: it is the emotional predilections of the human being. We ought to pay attention to those because it is fear and desire that drive the world. Knowledge is just something that helps us do it." --Margaret Atwood, novelist

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