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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Today is a brisk, cold day, but sunny. I went on my bike ride early, bundled up, and didn't get cold. My fingertips seemed a bit frosty, and I need to get leather gloves, since I only have woolen gloves now. But for some reason, it seemed the whole ride was a difficult effort, whereas I usually enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, being alone in the park amidst the quiet of nature. Today I felt tired, not up to par. Sometimes it's just that way, yet I keep up the routine. Biking helps me spend excess energy, prevent anxiety attacks, and get a good night's sleep. I've always been somewhat anxious, nervous and 'high-strung' and without regular, daily exhaustive exercising, I'm sure I'd be on anti-anxiety medication.

I have started taking Inderal again; my heart rate was becoming too high, even at rest. My blood pressure was too high also, and the exercising does not lower it. I have an abnormally fast heart rate, and had been on Inderal since my late 20s...but recently got off it, and was hoping I could do without it. I hate being on any kind of prescription medication, but it seems I have no choice in this matter. The heart rate and blood pressure problems are genetic, and run in my mother's family. And I sure don't want to risk a heart attack (or needing a pacemaker) or a stroke.

After getting the housework done, I went to the library and found some good fiction. Or at least I HOPE the novels I got will be good. I find it more and more difficult to locate good reads; don't know if this is because I'm a discerning reader, or just that there's so few new novels at the local library, and I've read most of the ones on the stacks. I rarely buy fiction, but will occasionally buy non-fiction.

One of my kittens, CutiePie, had been sick and the vet had given her antibiotics. She is finally back to normal, but I'll finish the round of antibiotics anyway. It's good to see her playing and being a normal mischievous kitten now.

I confess I watched "Joe Millionaire" last night. What a hoot! Reality TV has sunk to new lows. On the other hand, there is something fascinating about watching the girls try to hook the guy they THINK is a millionaire. It will be somewhat amusing to see just HOW they react when they learn he is NOT rich. Also, I found the French Chateau to be absolutely beautiful; it looked like something out of a fairy tale, and I would watch the show just to see that lovely setting.

I've seen Jane Seymour's ancient estate in England which she has restored, and find that such castles make me wish I could someday visit one. If I ever get to travel in Europe, seeing those ancient castles would be my main objective. By the way, Jane Seymour, who is my favorite female actress (and the one lady I'd like to look like, if I could), also allows visitors there who pay for their stay, in order to help with costs of restoration and upkeep of the place. I'm sure it costs a fortune to run such a huge estate!

And that's it for today. Maybe I can find time to answer another writing prompt tomorrow.

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