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Friday, January 10, 2003

Just a quick update this morning. It's a bright (almost glaring!) sunshiny day, and I'd love to go on the bike ride (even though the temp is hovering around 30 degrees) but I have errands to run in town. And it's the dreaded once-monthly Wal-mart trip, nothing I look forward to. However, I buy some things there that I simply can't get elsewhere for a cheaper price: cat food, cat litter and more. It's like going on a long walking expedition in that cavernous building...alas, I will think of it as good exercise. {Still weigh only 90, though I pigged out yesterday and ate way more than usual.}

I find that I'm procrastinating on making the writing prompt entries. Perhaps that will make future ones better? I don't know, but instead of NOT writing in this online journal at all, I decided I'll just write updates until I have plenty of time for thoughtful prompt entries.

CutiePie has improved, but she doesn't seem to have her kittenish spark anymore. I sure hope she's going to be okay, since she's only 8 months old. All the other cats are thriving, and I swear the two black males (Buddy & Blackie) are Rambo in action! :-) Last night I was on the laptop, and Blackie just couldn't stand it, so he ended up squeezing into the space on my lap near the keyboard. Ever type around a cat while on a laptop? Not complaining though, cause I love my cats and sometimes wonder how I could live without at least a few around all the time. The stray cats I feed seem to be doing okay, considering our winter weather (mostly mild, but with an occasional freeze). Most of the strays sleep under the house next door, which has the central heating unit under there, with open access. Of course, they all eat over here at my special 'kitty buffet," always full of plentiful dry food and water.

I'll try to go on the bike ride later today, if I get all the errands finished and the housework completed. Busy, busy day ahead!

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