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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Beautiful day here in Dixie, near 55 and sunny. Unfortunately, we're probably going to get some snow on Thursday night/Friday morning. Actually though, I can't complain; I'd love to see some snow (NOT ice!) and take some digital photos of the landscape. We occasionally do get a few inches of snow here, but due to not being prepared, most schools/businesses, etc close and everyone just stays home. The amusing part is that everytime the weather forecast is for snow, people make a run on bread and milk at the grocery stores -- as if a blizzard is heading our way, when in fact, a couple inches is usually all we get. People panic easily!

And speaking of panic: Here's an interesting news article about the American pilots who dropped bombs and killed some innocent Canadians who were conducting training exercises in Afghanistan. Apparently the pilots were taking speed (amphetamines), which they now claim ALL pilots use at the insistence of the Air Force. Goodness, if that is true, then I see a can of worms opening up: "Hey, I just use speed to stay awake in my car/train/truck when I drive, officer!" This is going to be a real interesting situation, I think.

Here's the article link and an excerpt:

Pills Cited in Mistaken Afghan Bombing
Beck said Tuesday that the amphetamines are given to Air Force pilots to help them stay awake during long missions, and promised to raise the issue of the pills later in the hearing.

"The Air Force has a problem. They have administered 'go pills' to soldiers that the manufacturers have stated affect performance and judgment," Beck said. "Also, when (pilots) come back they are given an anti-depressant. That is the reason we have concern."

I watched Joe Millionaire last night. I like Zora and Sarah; those two ladies are my choices for best demeanor and looks/style. I, however, think he'll choose Melissa -- who I don't think is very attractive, and who also seems to have a 'catty' way about her. It'll be interesting to see how the chosen lady? reacts when she learns the "Joe" is NOT a millionaire. Fun times ahead. As for myself, forget the guy, I'll just take the French Chateau. Next week they're heading to Paris, another place I've always wanted to see. Perhaps the ladies were all just hoping to have fun visiting the foreign places, and don't care really whether the "Joe" chooses them? :-)

I'm reading a very good novel, but won't comment on it till I've finished. The main female character/protagonist is a lady who is editor-in-chief of a Vanity Press...and there's some intriquing, thought-provoking insights into WHY people write, and WHY some shouldn't!

Biked early this morning, did a lot of housework, scrubbed the cat's sunporch and accomplished various tasks outside. The stray cats needed some attending to, and I got that done also. Busy as usual.


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