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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Move

Well, here I am -- in the house DH and I lived in for 25 years. I thought it would seem the same, but it doesn't, of course. The renovation changed the interior to some extent, and then there's the time I was away: 6 years. I think I'll get used to it, but right now I miss my other house.

That is because I'm a silly ninny when it comes to houses: I miss them as if they were a human. A house is not just a house to me; it is the essence of your experiences in that place. A repository of memories, so to speak, and I've cried every time I've moved -- whether I liked the place or not. So I'm grieving a bit tonight, and probably will for the next few days.

In that house I went through all the stages of grief after losing a spouse; I cried, I screamed, I had my fits of despair. I worked at the newspaper while there (though I did so while at this house years ago); I got my two dogs there, and lost several cats. Though I'm not a very social person, and there were no significant people issues there, I still experienced a lot of emotional episodes in that house. I will miss it, and I will surely miss the neighborhood because I knew all the people there. Walking the dogs gets you acquainted with neighbors in a way nothing else can. But I can still visit them, and since I won't put the house up for sale until January, I'll be over there off and on till then. (The cleaning, the touch-up painting, lots of work still to do there.)

Yes, I miss DH a bit more here, but I think in time that will settle down somewhat. Mostly there's more memories of he and I here, our life together, but they are treasured memories. I finally realized I could never sell this house, and I simply cannot take care of two houses. If one had to go, it had to be the one I'd lived in only 3 years.

Anyway, the cats are adapting well. They hid in their quarters on the special sunporch where I always had my cats; but last night they came in and explored. Bitty is still exploring, but Slinky seems to recognize this place; she is the only cat I returned with after the two moves.

The dogs were somewhat unsettled yesterday, mainly because of the noise and confusion of the furniture being moved, etc. Last night Oscar retired to his quarters, slept fine last night. But Rambo kept walking through the house, whining so I let him sleep on the bed with me. Today they are better, and have always seemed to accept any place as long as I am there! They'll have to adjust a bit more, but since they'd been here a lot already, it shouldn't be too difficult.

All the tech stuff, TV/phone/internet is working great. I didn't have phone service last night, and I missed it. Even though I rarely talk on the phone other than to family.

Tomorrow is my 58th birthday, and my sister/mother will be here visiting. I really hate this time of year...starting with Thanksgiving, my birthday and Christmas. Once New Year's Day is here, I'm fine. I guess it orginated with the lousy holiday season I endured as a child; some traumas linger for a lifetime.

Maybe I can get back to writing now, or at least have more time for it once the other house is ready to sell.

With that, I'm outta here.

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