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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Postman always rings twice

This is an entry to remind myself of what happened yesterday when I was painting at the house where I'll move soon. DH and I lived there 25 years, so moving back is like going home.

At any rate, I installed a wireless doorbell (which I'd used here) at the back porch fenced gate a couple weeks ago. The front doorbell is wired into the house, has been there ages.

Yesterday I was painting in the bathroom when I heard the back doorbell ring. At first I thought it was the front doorbell, so I hurriedly went there. No one was at the door. Then I realized it was the back doorbell, but when I got there no one was around.

Thinking it had been a salesperson on foot (since there was no car around) I went back to painting. Within fifteen minutes, the back doorbell rang again. I rushed to the back gate, but there was no one standing on the carport. I went out, looked all around the house, the front and sides, but nothing, nada. NO ONE COULD HAVE DISAPPEARED THAT FAST.

I went back to painting, and half expected to hear it ring again. However, it never did. I just dismissed it, but was still puzzled. I thought it might have been some kind of interference in the wireless signal -- although I had no other wireless devices in the house.

Last night of course, my imagination got the better of me. I concocted all kinds of weird, supernatural scenarios. Certainly it was wireless interference, or some other unknown problem because there was simply no way children and/or person could have disappeared that quick. You'd have to see how the house is situated to understand that, but the back gate off the carport is especially difficult to maneuver around quickly.

I sure hope this is NOT the start of freakish electrical situations -- of the kind experienced at the old farmhouse leading up to DH's death. But I did want to record this here as a reference for the future.

P.S. No, it wasn't the postman; mail delivery is late afternoon, and I saw him later as I was sweeping off the driveway.

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