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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

House tour photos

We're having a blustery day, turning colder (after 70 yesterday!) overcast, rain predicted. Dull, dull, dull...winter in Dixie. I may have a touch of seasonal disorder, because I feel like hibernating most of the cold, dark months. Miss that energizing sunshine!

At any rate, I have photos of the house/yard. The only room not photographed is my second/guest bedroom. I haven't hung pictures in there, decided to buy new ones and still looking. Also need a new twin-bed comforter set too.

Here we go...(as usual, click on photo for enlarged view)

Walking in the front door into the living room. DH & I refinished that hardwood floor, and I didn't want to put laminate flooring over it. Shined it, bought a small carpet rug instead. We also put crown moulding at the top of this room too.

The living room as seen from the hallway door

Hallway with laundry area behind the double white doors

The bathroom...and yes, it's smallish. There is a nice-sized bathtub/shower if I want to soak (rarely do) and the essentials. NOT a bathroom dweller, and have never quite understood the obsession with monsterous, numerous bathrooms in new houses!

My bedroom with wood shutters and the original bedroom suite DH & I bought when we married. Also the door is open to a huge walk-in closet I LOVE!

Another view of the bedroom with my chair/lamp

One of my TV indulgences; this was bought the Christmas before DH died, out-of-date projection TV. However, I was able to fit it in a recessed area of the bedroom. I did this because should I ever become sick, I'd spend time in that bed -- and would appreciate having a big-screen TV.

Walking into the kitchen from the hallway -- there's a kitchen/den combo I LOVE! I can stand in the kitchen, or eat at the bar, look outside into my private wood-fenced backyard. Or watch the new TV I bought in the den.

New plasma TV I bought at Walmart. It's amazing how prices have fallen on those TVs. I paid HALF what DH & I paid for that heavy, projection TV just 4 years ago!!!

Looking from den back into kitchen across bar, my desk beside the two chairs

The loveseat where I sit to watch TV, and usually have the dogs on either side of me!

My fenced backyard -- the view from my porch

View of house from backyard. The patio rocks made a great place for a kennel -- which the dogs rarely use. Mostly they go out the doggie doors, across the porch and into the yard. However, should I get sick I can close that gate on the porch and they could go in/out of house to poop in the kennel area. I'd only need someone to drop by and replenish food/water occasionally. (Yes, living alone, I think of these things & prepare) To the right you will see a sunporch where the cats stay during the day; they come inside at night for play & pet time with me. I use the detached garage for storage now; DH used to have a work shop in there. To the left (unseen) is a carport on the other side of the house, where I park my car.

Oscar on the back porch, a sunny day

I have no picture of the front of the house from the street because next spring I have some extensive plans for "curb appeal." Plan to have stucco foundation bricked, a make-over of the small front porch/steps/sidewalk. That can wait though till warm weather returns.

Last summer I spent hours looking at condos in our city. Most were just ridiculously expensive - and only included maintenance on the outside of the building, yard care. I decided this house would be similar to a small condo, just have a yard (which I need due to the dogs). I can do lawn care here, plan to get an electric mower, already have an electric weedeater. I raked all the tons of leaves already this fall, so I'm pretty sure I can handle yard care. If not, it will not cost nearly as much to hire it done as it did at the other house with the enormous yard.

And most importantly, this feels like HOME since DH & I lived here 25 years.


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