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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Snow pictures

I had planned a long, detailed entry -- but I'm exhausted, again! Spent all day sorting, unpacking, hanging pictures, working. Why am I the kind of person who cannot rest until a project is completed? What's up with that? I've always been that way, and even on a trip I don't like to stop until I'm at my destination. DH & I shared this type personality; needless to say, we were workaholics.

Today has been wonderful! I'm getting over the emotional reactions of moving from the other house, and awoke this morning feeling like I am HOME -- the first time I've felt this RIGHT in the six years I've been gone. I put my play list of favorite songs on my computer while I worked, and as I occasionally stood staring out at the lovely snowy landscape I could feel creativity beckoning. I suppose it is the feeling I knew so well here; life was not just a blitz of somber reality. I lived in my alternate universe of creative imagination, which spawned my novels, stories and poetry. It is tugging at me, and for the first time in a long time, I think I'll soon be inspired to write creatively again.

How is it that a particular "place" can feel so right, so true, so inspirational? Certainly there is nothing special about this house -- it's not even considered a desired property, small, close to other houses. Yet, it holds my heart, my soul and I am so HAPPY to be home. I don't think I'll ever voluntarily leave here again.

At any rate, I wanted to post the pictures of snow today. It created a winter wonderland in the neighborhood. (Click on pictures for enlarged version)

This is looking down the street at the front of my house. In the afternoon when the sun was brilliant, I walked the dogs down that way -- a great walking route. A wooded area borders the same creek behind the other house I own; an open field, no traffic along those streets. (Will take my camera one day and get photos to post.)

This is looking up the same street at the front of my house

This is my backyard -- LOVE the privacy fence! I remember one winter years ago when we had a HUGE snowfall; DH went to the back of our yard, and was up to his knees in snow. I have a picture of that.

The beautiful snowy trees above my garage

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