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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stray cat buffet pictures

When I lived in this house before, I always had cat food/water out for the strays. I still see them slinking, starved-looking, around the neighborhood and wanted to re-establish a feeding area in my backyard. I am hoping our community can soon develop a feral cat program: trap, neuter/spay, release. If that happens, then I will already have an established point from which to lure strays into a safe trap for the program.

At any rate, what I have now is makeshift, but works perfectly. It is shielded from the dogs' access, yet that is not terribly important because most stray cats prowl/eat at night when my dogs are inside in their crate.

Without further ado, here's the photos. (Click on pix for larger version)

This is looking across my back yard; the feeding station is at the far right rear

This is closer, which shows fallen tree limbs I stacked in front of the feeder

Different angle of the feeder showing holly bush

And finally...this is what is behind the wood barrier

I stacked up some fallen limbs in front of the wood to give a bit better barrier for the dogs; they are curious, but do not try to get over it, nor could they do so. I also have another long piece of wood I put atop this area when it's rainy to prevent food getting soaked.

I have seen an occasional stray cat slinking along the top of the fence, then descending down into the feeder area late in the afternoon. Therefore, I know it's working - especially when there's NO food the next morning.


(Tomorrow, the photo house tour. Still have a couple of small details to work out in formal living room before posting pictures.)

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