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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rental house is empty

My renter just came by, dropped off the keys to the house. It was sad to see him go, in a way, because I knew him at work. But he is leaving for an excellent job opportunity. We hugged, and he said he'd keep in touch. It's odd, but every renter I've had always says I'm the best landlord they've ever known, and we always part on friendly, but sad terms.

So...on to the hard work ahead. Renter's mom will give the house a thorough cleaning tomorrow, then I'll go and check on what needs doing. See about hiring a handyman next week to do some upkeep stuff that's been put off too long.

I plan to keep the house for a few weeks, maybe a month. Since I have the time now, there's lots of deep-cleaning (like washing windows, vinyl siding, etc.) I need to do. Possibly some touch-up painting inside and out. I put the electricity in my name, and will try not to get in a hurry to rent it this time.

I wish I could find a renter to stay at least 3 years, because at that time I'll be eligible for DH's substantial social security check (widow's qualify at 60, if unmarried). That is when I plan to sell the house, won't need that rental income any longer.

Sorry to say, I took the dog back to the animal welfare people. She was a sweet dog, but I am fairly sure she had the beginning of possibly cancer (the lumps on her back most probably are tumors, according to the vet). I noticed on the walk yesterday her back legs seemed unsteady, as if there could be a spinal issue already. But I know she was happy here for the short time I had her; and my dogs learned a lesson too. On the other hand, I don't think I'll repeat it -- two dogs are enough, and Rambo definitely wasn't happy with another dog on the premises.

Hmm, live and learn, huh?

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