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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Proud of my dogs...

First, let me say I'm VERY proud of my two dogs. Sure, they were territorial, jealous even...but you know what? Both understand discipline, and what NO! means. After some posturing all around, a couple of skirmishes, they allowed Marla to be here. Or at least, tolerate her being here.

Yesterday I allowed them into the backyard, and they met Marla. There was a bit of tension, but it all worked out.

As for Marla, she's doing well. This morning she wanted to come inside the house and sniff around, and though my dogs watched her closely, followed her, they allowed it. She wanted back outside, and I let her out -- but moved the large dog-house to my carport. The dogs have all been around each other, off and on, but with my supervision. I do think if she were a permanent dog, I could get my dogs agreeable on accepting her.

The thing is, I don't think Marla is well. The volunteers told me she had some knots on her backbone, and the vet said he couldn't tell what it was without a biopsy. She is past five years old, and frankly, emaciated. She likes treats and scraps, but has a little trouble accepting good quality dry food. Not sure why. She will eat it, but wants the goodies more.

I do plan to work with her, but I honestly don't think this dog is adoptable. Nor do I think she will live long. I know an ailing critter when I see one -- been through it too many times with my own cats.

At least she's having some happy days, even if they are her last. I took her on a short walk alone this afternoon, and she had a GRAND time, sniffing and enjoying the different scents. I took my dogs first, together, but not with her.

It's all just so sad...but I've wondered this before about animal rescue groups: should we save those animals that are obviously dying -- or help the young ones who are just born and could have long lives?

Something to ponder for everyone.

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