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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Break my heart

I WANT to be involved with the local animal welfare organization, want it with all my heart. But I'm afraid of getting my heart broken, there's SO many suffering, needy dogs/ can I stand it? AM I strong enough, that's the question?

Today I stopped by Pet Depot, where the local animal welfare group has dogs/cats from the animal shelter, and talked to a woman I've known for several years. The desperation of spring litters (puppies/kittens) was in her eyes, on her made me want to cry.

I've rescued my share of kittens over the years, god knows. It was an integral part of life, the thing that always kept me LIVING when I just wanted to commit suicide because of the cruelty of humans to one another and to animals. My pets sometimes (often) were the ONLY reason I got out of bed in the morning, knowing they were depending on me. And that's not a sad statement, it's a positive reason for living, and how much a pet's life can mean to a human.

As much as I feel a "calling" for my creative writing, I also feel a "calling" to help suffering domestic creatures -- who want only our help, our love. I have known for a long time this was part of my mission, in whatever way I can fulfill it.

But am I strong enough?

I remember years ago when I first discovered the Doris Day Foundation and in one of the newsletters, an article described the moneumentual task of helping ALL the multitudes of suffering pets...especially in shelters. It said something to the effect that we cannot help them all, but to the ONE we do help, it makes all the world of difference.

That will have to be my philosophy if I get involved in this animal welfare organization. Other than, of course, ALL my monetary funds going to that effort, once I'm dead. I made SURE of that.

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