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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday afternoon thoughts...

I'm feeling in a fine mood this afternoon, just thought I'd write an update.

I haven't heard from the newspaper yet, but the new editor isn't starting till July 16th, so I'm sure they are in the midst of mind-boggling change. And IF I don't hear anything, that's okay too. As the lyrics of a pop song says, "Just roll with it..."

Anyway, I went shopping a bit earlier, just picked up some supplies and stuff for my spoiled-silly pets! If I die and ever come back (reincarnation) I sure hope I'm a spoiled silly dog or cat!

I bought a great pair of walking shoes several months ago when my knees were giving problems, but had not really worn those much due to needing a lot of padding. Today the cheap pair I'd been padding with inserts finally gave up the ghost, and I put a padded insert in the expensive shoes -- which prevent pro-nation (why I have knee trouble, partly) and wow! these are wonderful! I walked through several stores, NO pain, NO problem. It's almost like having a new set of knees, really! So many people have knee/foot problems that relate to the specific way their feet hit the ground -- rolling inward or outward. Any shoe store that has running shoes can help you with that, even without an orthopedic doctor. Anyhow, I'm hoping this will mean I can keep walking my dogs...

Every now and then, I revisit my own website The Prose Menagerie and read a story I haven't read in a long time. It's like some authors say: we have forgotten just exactly how the story unfolds...and it's as if...we think, "Wow, did I really write that?!" I'm astonished sometimes to realize I do have a gift for story-telling, and feel guilty for not writing more now. Maybe I'll have to resort to the tactics in Stephen King's horror novel, Misery in which a writer is trapped by a psychotic fan who forces him to write again! I hope not, but sometimes I think FORCE might be the only way to get me writing fiction again. And the irony is that I actually LOVE writing fiction, living in the fictional world, but...just getting started seems to be daunting these days.

Otherwise, still dry, hot, arid. Are we living in a desert or what? Starting to feel that way. I did get out and use the riding mower to knock down several large spots of weeds in the backyard yesterday afternoon...and stirred up a dust storm. Won't do that again till there's some rain!

Outta here for now...

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