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Monday, May 07, 2007

Just when you thought it was safe...

and your life was secure, this happens. Of course, the news agencies only got ahold of it today, but apparently astronomers have been observing this somewhat curious massive super-nova since last September.

I won't bother to educate you folks on what a super-nova is, since google will most aptly teach the uninitiated. However, since Eta Carinae is in our own Milky Way and could potentially go the way of this other peculiar super-nova, I think you can all conclude that life as we know it would simply cease to exist. Here. There. Everywhere in our universe. Put that in your deep-thinker cap, and see how it relates to your daily grind. I've followed Eta Carinae for a long time, and in fact, I started a sci-fi story based on just that kind of scenario -- doomsday. {Um, you ain't gonna get no stinkin bad news about life ending from that via most sources; after all, we don't want to know if today, this second could be our last, do we?}

Mowed the lawn this morning; one of the dirtiest jobs ever, no matter how you cut it. I did buy some very good safety glasses, as I hate the blowback of grass in my eyes. One reason it's so bad lately is that we're in a drought, and there is nothing but dry ground under that sparse grass. Ugh.

After a shower, I went to Walmart and planned to buy the rechargable battery weedeater, but they were sold out. There was another one for $79.00. I could barely lift it, much less USE it. Woe is me. You know, I'm beginning to believe this quote from the movie Fight Club: The things you own will eventually end up owning you. Argh. Maybe I should just downsize to a tiny rented apartment somewhere, and let the management take care of upkeep!!??!!

Will bike later, though it's much cooler here today, only in the 70s. Nice for a change.

My MIL called today, and we talked for over an hour. She seems to have had some sort of crisis about DH, asked her church members to "pray" for her...then said she had a dream/vision that DH came to her and told her he was okay, not to worry about him any more. That seemed to comfort her, so she said she is coping better now.

Another of DH's friends told me (not long after DH died) that he had a vision while driving his truck (uh, that IS scary, he drives a gas tanker) of DH sitting beside him, silent.

You know, DH doesn't visit my dreams. Neither of us believed much in spirituality (though I can be stupidstitious at times) -- and certainly were NOT religious -- so maybe that is why. I've had a few vague dreams of him, but nothing I could remember clearly. I know, even IF he could, he would NOT come back to haunt me, harass me, advise me. Why? Because he knows I've always been an independent person, and will cope -- one way or another. And IF (a big IF) there is something beyond this world, he/his spirit is at peace. He was a GOOD person, whether he believed in God or not, and that is what truly matters. But frankly, he's just gone...dead...not coming back -- in any form. Like all humans will be eventually.

On that cynical note, I'll end this.

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