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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mixed Emotions....

Hmm, it seems the local newspaper (where I once worked) is seeking a Lifestyle Editor. There's been a lot of recent turn-over in reporters/editors/etc. lately, and they are having trouble finding replacements. I had submitted a resume/published news article clips some time ago, never had any response, but today the managing editor (who is quitting tomorrow) sent me an email, and told me to re-submit my resume/clippings to the new publisher.

Do I? Or not? I'm very tempted, because though the daily grind can be stressful, it would give me some daily structure. Besides, then I'd have evenings/weekends free for other writing pursuits, or whatever. Just thinking it over, haven't decided yet if I really want to return to work (don't have to, financially, but it might be good for me).

My sister/bro-in-law took off on their vacation yesterday, and other sister is staying with mother -- not a happy camper either. I will probably help out some tomorrow, but as I've stated before, can't do that 24/7.

Hot, smoky, hazy and stifling out today. I still took the dogs on a walk, then biked. But it gets more difficult when the air quality is so very poor. And on the news today, there were reports of fires breaking out in south Alabama. If we don't get rain soon, this is going to be a wasteland. I did weed-eating, front and back yard, the past few days -- but unless we get rain, the whole yard doesn't need mowing. In fact, the grass looks like its dying. {Guess what? Less mowing!}

I went to the library earlier, got three good books, two movies. Nothing much on TV, since I only have basic cable and it's re-run season from now till the Fall.

That's it for now.

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