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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Belated update

What's my excuse? None to offer.

There's the usual suspect: been busy. I went to the house in town yesterday, planted some small hedge bushes alongside the driveways. Someday I will probably move back there, and the hedges will provide more privacy. Fortunately this morning we actually had some light showers, and that should help the plants survive.

On the other hand, it is still very, very dry here. We're way behind in rainfall for this time of year.

More bad news from here: the farrier DH used for horse-shoeing...died unexpectedly last week. He had just turned 60, and "seemed" to be in good health. Since he was found in the roundpen with a horse, the friend who found him thought, at first, the farrier been kicked in the head by the horse. However, later the coroner, upon medical examination, ruled he'd died of a massive heart attack. This is about the fourth or fifth male (50+) who has had a heart attack (including DH) in this immediate area the past year. I would say there's something in the water, but I believe it is something indeed in the FOOD!!

And perhaps I'm stupidstitious, but it seems odd that this farrier, whom DH had just began to use two months ago, died suddenly. Prior to then, DH had used a farrier on the other side of the county, but it was more convenient to have this nearby farrier do our horse-shoeing. I wonder if this house now is reaching out to grab others! :-o Add the death to another bad event for 2005, the Year from Hell.

Next week DH is off for vacation. We actually got a head-start on putting in electricity/water to the barn and small trailer/garage. A friend rented a ditch-witch Saturday morning, only used it about an hour, so he brought it by here and DH dug the deep trenches for the lines. He already has most of the lines in, the ditch covered. So that eliminates one of the largest chores we had to do on his time off. I'm sure there will be plenty to keep us busy though.

In my last entry I mentioned how greedy pharmaceutical companies have become, and this excerpt from my research is an example:

Lipitor, for example, is the most popular drug ever sold in the history of the world. Lipitor does more than $9 billion in sales per year (that's more than one million dollars per hour, every hour of every day, 365 days per year).

Ah, so it goes...

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