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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Someone said it better...

And that is a writer's worst fear: nothing can be written in a way that hasn't been before -- probably far superior to anything moi can do. Yeah, I'm in a mood.

DH has been home this week, and we've spent most of our time working around the house and land. His saddle/tack trailer is now set-up, clean, and full of stuff to sell. It wasn't too much work getting that done, just time-consuming.

Unfortunately we've still had NO rain here, and my allergy problems continue to worsen. I am taking anti-histimine OTC, but sometimes it wears off and I itch all over, have runny nose, sore, irritated eyes. Not a picnic. There's no prediction of rain in the weather either. Ah, suffer...suffer...suffer!

I only went on a bike ride one day this week, due to the allergy flare-up. But I've been using my air-bike regularly. Haven't lost any weight, just maintaining. Can't get motivated to lose more...or do anything much with enthusiasm these days. Bad case of the blahs...and with the dreaded Holidays looming, I'm not feeling optimistic.

One bright spot: I'm planning to get a new digital camera for my birthday around Dec. 3rd. Have several prospects online I might buy. When I do, I will hopefully get some sharp, clear pictures to post with my blog updates. I believe I've become more an amateur photographer than writer lately.

Had to have Princess, my Persian cat, shaved at the vet Monday. Since the cat's living area is heated in cool weather, she shouldn't have any problem coping. The knots in her hair had gotten terrible, though I always try to avoid that. She hates for me to start pulling or tugging on knots, and they always develop in her long, thick hair.

And now for those who have said it better in the following quotes:

From ASH: "God is dead, the Jews assasinated Moses and an asteroid is heading straight for us."

Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp;
Guns aren't lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live.

---Dorothy Parker, Resume --1926

"Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the former." - Albert Einstein

Last, this excerpt which aptly describes my current state-of-mind:

"There is an Eastern fable, told long ago, of a traveler overtaken on a plain by an enraged beast. Escaping from the beast he gets into a dry well, but sees at the bottom of the well a dragon that has opened its jaws to swallow him. And the unfortunate man, not daring to climb out lest he should be destroyed by the enraged beast, and not daring to leap to the bottom of the well lest he should be eaten by the dragon, seizes a twig growing in a crack in the well and clings to it. His hands are growing weaker and he feels he will soon have to resign himself to the destruction that awaits him above or below, but still he clings on. Then he sees that two mice, a black one and a white one, go regularly round and round the stem of the twig to which he is clinging and gnaw at it. And soon the twig itself will snap and he will fall into the dragon's jaws. The traveler sees this and knows that he will inevitably perish; but while still hanging he looks around, sees some drops of honey on the leaves of the twig, reaches them with his tongue and licks them. So I too clung to the twig of life, knowing that the dragon of death was inevitably awaiting me, ready to tear me to pieces; and I could not understand why I had fallen into such torment. I tried to lick the honey which formerly consoled me, but the honey no longer gave me pleasure, and the white and black mice of day and night gnawed at the branch by which I hung. I saw the dragon clearly and the honey no longer tasted sweet. I only saw the unescapable dragon and the mice, and I could not tear my gaze from them. and this is not a fable but the real unanswerable truth intelligible to all."
--Tolstoy, from Confession

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