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Thursday, September 11, 2003

Soooo, the dreaded Sept. 11th reminder of our weakness comes around again. It IS a sad, bad day for America, and I suppose that all of us here have our own opinions about why it happened. I'm sure EVERYONE though feels the sadness of so many lives lost -- yet at the same time, I would hope that Americans aren't so arrogant as to think that OUR lives are more valuable than any other human beings on the planet. If so, then that IS part of the problem that led up to the violent death and destruction of that day.

Let me clarify (as I have in other journal entries) that I DO love my country; I am as sentimental and patriotic as most Americans when I hear the national anthem, see the flag waving or hear my kindred citizens say how great our country is. I am not sure though that I think our country is the greatest one on earth, though we are powerful and mighty. However, even though I believe democracy is the best we humans have devised, I think a few other countries have better all-around democratic policies than the USA -- the Netherlands, England, Canada (at the very least those countries seem to understand that humanitarian social programs, such as necessary basic health/medical care are essential). This country has a hard-edged, downright mean, rampant capitalism creed that is not tempered by humanitarian social policies. That, you see, is perhaps partly WHY Sept. 11th happened, and if our leaders fail to realize this, then I am absolutely positive that terrorism will continue -- and not just the threat of 'foreign terrorists' but our own freedom-born citizens who will become frustrated and explode in devastating acts of destruction (such as Tim McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing). Alas, there IS much that is right with my country; and much that IS wrong. It is up to US, as citizens, to correct the faults and flaws...if possible.

I also want to clarify that IF I could trust our President and the neo-conservatives who claim to be trying to start a democratic Iraq as an example of freedom and democracy in the Middle East, then I would applaude their efforts AND be for the continuing war there. However, IF all that is needed in the Middle East is a REAL example of democracy, then please tell me WHY Israel isn't inspiring ALL the other Muslim countries to be like their country? No, it's my suspicion (and Americans are, and should be, a suspicious lot about government) that MONEY and, yes, you got it: rampant capitalism/greed is behind the Iraq war. Oil you know, black gold (to use the lyrics of an old song)...which can make millions for...well, various cronies of the Prez. Therefore, I think the whole situation in Iraq is doomed...unless we get MORE American troops over there. And I really don't think even the redneck Republicans will be signing up for duty -- and will not approve a draft. Ah, I feel a draft blowing in the wind...and since I lived through the Vietnam Era, I know exactly what that means: killing off the poor boys and helping the rich get richer (while their sons never serve). to my own personal news. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and had some x-rays done on my back/spine. I'm still hurting, very sore and was worried that I'd caused worse damage by that fall than I thought. The x-rays didn't show anything alarming, but the doctor said he wanted a radiologist to examine them. I overhead him talking to the nurse when they were looking at my x-rays (in an adjoining room) and she said something about a "hairline fracture." I suppose the doctor will call me if anything serious should be found by the radiologist. I certainly hope not. I got a prescription for some muscle relaxers and that helps somewhat. At 51 you don't just bounce back like when you were 25 or 30 OR even 40! It takes time to heal.

I haven't been able to bike since the accident, and have been eating fairly well...but have only gained one pound, now weigh 93. I can't complain about that. But I DO miss the biking, because it was fun to get out and ride the bike and it helped me sleep better. Of course, our weather has turned glorious, very mild and sunny, in the 60s at night, low 80s during the day...perfect for biking! I hope I can resume that soon.

That's it for today!

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