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Friday, September 05, 2003

Ouch! Had a fairly bad fall off the steps on my cat's porch Wednesday afternoon. I have fallen before out there, and always try to be careful...but alas, sometimes it can't be prevented. I fell off the steps when my foot slipped out from under me, thus I landed on my back, which meant a step hit me just to the side of my spine. It's a good thing the hit wasn't direct to my spine, or I might be paralyzed! :-( Anyhow, as it is, I'm VERY sore, and having to hobble around most of the time. My toes on one foot were also scraped, and hurt like hell. I guess I'll survive, but it'll take some time for the soreness to go away.

Also bad news about the stray kitten -- it died. I couldn't get my hands on it, since the little thing was a feral cat and scared of humans. I could tell it was sickly, but all my efforts at capture for assistance (putting out my carrier with food in it) failed and then I found it dead Wednesday morning. It just breaks my heart to see these strays become sick, and die...but at least I KNOW they aren't starving to death, since I feed them well. Additionally, Old Fellow (a tom I'd been feeding well over a year) began to look extremely thin (though he did eat) and then the last time he was here, seemed ill. He did eat a few bites though, then left before I could try to capture him. Haven't seen him since, and that was over two weeks ago. I'm fairly sure he died too. I'll miss him, since he'd been a regular at the feed tray for strays.

Not much else to write about, unless I want to be even MORE depressing about the latest current events, nationally and worldwide, so I'll stop here for today. My back is hurting, and I am going to move to my laptop in a nice, comfy chair, get away from this desk!

I'll end with this quote: There's an old joke about the optimist who said that this is the best of all possible worlds, and the pessimist who said, "Yes, I'm afraid you're right."

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