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Saturday, September 13, 2003

I'm doing MUCH better, thank you muscle relaxers! In fact, I do believe the awful pain has subsided, and hopefully I'm on the road to recovery. (Cliches, sorry) I was able to go on my morning bike ride, and it was GREAT! Nice and cool, the scent of pine and cedar trees lining the trail, no one in the park but me. I sure missed the biking!

I also went to our Salavation Army Thrift Store today. Before you think I'm a total cheapskate, I'll tell you that I truly enjoy shopping there. First, it's less personal than a "Yard Sale" and second, it's easy to browse and just take your time. I've found some VERY good bargains there. I buy skirts for spring/fall wear, which are real bargains; I found a few that still have price tags on them, and have NEVER been worn! Sometimes people (myself included) buy stuff in stores and decide later they hate it -- and then donate it to the Salvation Army. I also buy pillows there for my cats to lie on, and get those for 25 cents each. You cannot beat that. Then I toss them out when they are soiled. (Note: being thrifty has allowed DH and I to save well over $100,000.00 in the past ten years).

Soooo, what's new in the news? :-)

Looks like our troops f*cked up big-time in Iraq. I DO NOT blame them, for I KNOW it MUST be awfully confusing trying to determine the "enemy" from the "friend"(sort of like Vietnam, eh?)...but I also completely UNDERSTAND and EMPTHATHIZE with the enraged and grieving Iraqis!

Here's a link/excerpt to the latest disaster:

U.S. Apologizes for Friendly Fire in Iraq

On Saturday afternoon, the eight coffins were carried into a mosque for religious rites before they were given to family members for burial. Outside, gunshots erupted throughout Fallujah as mourners fired into the air. Some in the crowd chanted: "There is no God but Allah, and America is the enemy of Allah."

In an ominous message, Fawzi Namiq, the mosque's imam, said through loudspeakers: "Save your bullets for the chests of the enemy."

In the streets, angry residents roughed up reporters who came to witness the ceremony. A clergyman grabbed one armed man and prevented him from shooting at a departing Associated Press Television News car as it sped from the city. A CNN cameraman was beaten and an Associated Press photographer was hit in the face.

The U.S. military issued an apology for the shooting and said an investigation had begun. However, military spokesman Lt. Col. George Krivo said the Americans only fired after they were "attacked from a truck by unknown forces."

"Coalition forces," he said, "immediately returned fire and the subsequent engagement lasted approximately three hours. Regrettably during the incident extensive damage was done to the (Jordanian) hospital and several security personnel were killed, including eight Iraqis and one Jordanian national."

I guess the Iraqis are not buying our "Oops" and "Sorry" too well, huh?

As for the 2004 election here in the USA, surely today I've become a total Dick Gephardt supporter.

Take a look at this: George W. Bush -- A Miserable Failure

And if you are concerned about our SOARING health care costs here, as well as the insurance costs, take a look at this and see how much it can save you: Health Care Plan

You can enter your income and find out EXACTLY what you will save. I did it, and our savings would be:

What you'll save with the Gephardt Health Care plan: $1,982

What your state will get under the Gephardt plan: $2,306,535,000

What you "saved" under Bush's tax cuts for the rich: $600

What your state got under Bush's
"miserable failures" on the economy:

more lost jobs than the last 11 presidents COMBINED

Yeah, I'm for Gephardt!

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