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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Hmm, I was going to post some more grim news today, rehash how I dislike the Shrub AND his entire administration, worry about the latest bad news from Iraq (which is ALWAYS bad!), and end up describing the sad, bad problems I'm having with a stray kitten that will probably die. But instead, as I was reading the alt.cats newsgroup (looking for solutions to the kitten problem) I found this post that made me laugh -- and I thought I'd share it, so other cat lovers could get a good chuckle! Enjoy!!

This was told to me as a true story.

Seems a man in our town was having trouble with his wife and decided to drown her cat in the toilet while she was gone. He picked up the cat and carried it into the restroom. The cat displayed nervousness as the man didn't normally come near. When he flipped up the lid and thrust the cat down, the cat immediately grew four extra legs (direct quote!). Thirty minutes later the only thing in the restroom that had not been in the toilet was the cat! The man gave up and went to sit in the den. When his wife came in he was soaking wet and the cat was napping under the TV. He told her he had plumbing problems. Apparently the cat told a different story as she took the cat and left.

My question is should the man be shot before breakfast or after lunch?

ROFL!!! I suggest the hubby be spared -- or maybe just neutered. No person in their right mind would try such a dumb stunt, and the wily cat taught him a lesson! ;-)

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