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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Videos of the tornado

I wanted to post several videos of the tornadoes -- there was actually three tornadoes touching down off and on that day, April 27. The large center vortice is what came directly over my neighborhood, but I am located at the outer edge and apparently it was lifting as it crossed over my house. Otherwise I might not be writing/posting this; it was a ferocious monster system!

As you watch this, be aware that the large vortice was touching down right over my neighborhood -- you can see a bit of it lifting -- and that's when it passed directly over my house.

The following video was taken from the local National Guard Armory - that's the tornado sirens at the beginning. (Rambo is in my lap, and when he heard the siren, he looked up and started shivering!)

Here's an aerial view of the tremendous damage:

And lastly, a close-up view of downtown -- more sights/sounds like I lived with during the first week. The video camera is actually on Fifth street in downtown, the route I drive every time I go into town.


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Stacy Horn said...

I'm glad things are feeling a little more back to normal. I don't know anything about tornados—do they expect more? Is it still tornado season?