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Friday, June 20, 2003

Usually I don't go almost an entire week before posting...but I've been sick. The minor pain in my right side turned out to be kidney infection, and I had to visit a doctor for that confirmation. Then I had to start taking antibiotics, and have just been lying around all week, trying to recover. Kidney infection, by the way, is quite serious for me...since I have a history of kidney problems due to a metabolism/kidney defect. So I haven't felt well enough to write anything in this journal.

I'm feeling a bit better, but still not up-to-par. In fact, yesterday I felt better than today, and have no idea why. I was able to do a lot of piled-up housework, cook supper, take care of the cats better, etc...but then this morning I felt like I'd been run over by a truck! I almost went back to bed, but managed to get up, get dressed and do a few chores. I need to buy groceries, but just don't feel like tackling that demanding task. Maybe tomorrow...

I sure hope that I don't end up in the hospital, but it's happened before. If so, it'll be for extensive tests, and to see if the kidney problem has flared up again. I'm getting TOO OLD for this sh*it! The whole episode is depressing me, and I was ALREADY depressed. Getting old is awful, and the worst part is that every time you get sick, you think,"Geez, maybe I should just go ahead and end it all, since it's all downhill misery from here on out." Sometimes (like lately) I think it might be best to skip the last few chapters of old age. I mean, if I feel this rotten at 51, how will I feel if I make it to 61 or 71? *Shudder with dread*

So I'll shut up for now. Oh, one more thing, DH made a bid on that land/trailer, and we're still waiting to hear if the foreclosure company will accept it. I don't think so, since it was VERY low...and frankly, I'm not up to the task of all the work it would take to get that trailer in halfway livable shape. Ho hum, what else is new? (sigh)

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