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Friday, June 27, 2003

Decisions, decisions, decisions! I just don't know what to do, regarding moving and buying property/house.

I am still undecided about the older house in the Historic District. I contacted the realtor today, and she met me there for a walk-through. DH and I had already been inside, because the doors were unlocked, but I got a better look this time. It does need the work finished that the owner has started -- new appliances installed, new countertops, etc. I think I'd offer $70,000.00...with the stipulation that the owner install central heat/air. I doubt he'd agree, but that is simply all I would offer. Our house is worth at least that much, and we'd sell we would not have a loan on that house. Or rent out our house, and get the loan on it. I NEVER want to live in a place that has a mortgage, especially after seeing how easy it is to lose one -- there's DOZENS of foreclosures here now.

I DO love that house, it's just the kind of older house I enjoy decorating inside. Plus, I feel more at home in an older house (that one was built in 1938), instead of the newer, modern-looking houses. Guess I'll wait and see. Don't know if DH will agree to make an offer, since he'd prefer moving out in the country and buying some property.

Rainy this morning, so I went to the library, then rode the bike later when it was only cloudy. I weighed 88 lbs the other day, but ate more and am back to 90 today. I feel better, and hopefully am over the illness. Time will tell, since I took my last antibiotic the other day.

Not much else to record. Yeah, I'm a slacker when it comes to journal entries lately. But I DO have a lot on my mind, regarding moving, etc. I'll improve in the future, I hope.

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