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Sunday, June 15, 2003

Sunday, the day we go on our country drive, get out of the city. We're going to that 15 acres in foreclosure again, look it over more closely since we only saw it late one afternoon. Still hoping to hear the price next week maybe, and that it'll be very reasonable.

Nice this morning, sunny and humid...but thundershowers are predicted for late afternoon. I went on my bike ride late yesterday afternoon, got in the park awhile, then out on the streets/hills to finish. I also went again this morning, because I ALWAYS get the park on Sunday mornings.

I'm having some sort of minor pain in my right side; I think I strained a muscle in my back/side the other day when I cleaned and rearranged the stray cat's feeding area. Maybe it'll get better soon. I was at 91 lbs this morning, but can't complain since I ate a fairly large meal for supper last night.

I want to put an excerpt and link to an interesting article in the New York Times today. You may have to register to read it, but that is free. The article is about the growing discontent and anger among USA soldiers over in Iraq, and in my opinion, there will be a few McVeighs returning from that detail one of these days. Then we'll have some domestic terrorism to deal with, I fear.

Here's the article link and excerpt:

Anxious and Weary of War, G.I.'s Face a New Iraq Mission --By STEVEN LEE MYERS

Several soldiers have received psychological counseling after showing signs of combat stress: nightmares, sleeplessness, edginess, outbursts of anger and what the chaplain called "intrusive thoughts."

"We have guys whose wives are sick, but not sick enough for them to get emergency leave; guys whose wives are cheating on them — they've heard through the grapevine," Major Nordstrom said. "And you know, the hardest thing is we don't have anything to offer them."

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