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Friday, April 18, 2003

Whew! What a day! I had to go to Wal-mart, NOT my favorite shopping trip. But there ARE a few items I can buy there that I find reasonably priced, and can't seem to find anywhere else in this town. At any rate, I got up early, took a shower, washed my hair and when it was dry, headed out for a hiking trip in the cavernous Wally World building. I figured I didn't need to ride the bike today, and when I drove by the park on my way home, a baseball game was in process -- so that meant I wouldn't get to ride the trail. Too noisy, too many kids...and I'd already had that experience in Wally World (screaming youngsters pestering their moms to buy them something!).

When I got home, I had housecleaning to do (can't stand a messy house!) and even ended up mopping the floors. So finally I was able to get to my computer, and spend some time online. I'm tired!

Yesterday I rejoined the Humane Society; I'd paid the dues several years ago, but neglected to join last year. They kept sending me all these 'free' gifts and I felt SO guilty for not paying the dues, so I finally did pay online yesterday. I just can't do much at our local shelter, for I cannot endure seeing the many animals that are put down each year. I do my part by feeding strays, which IS expensive, plus taking good care of my own SEVEN cats -- all strays at one time. But I DO support the efforts of the Humane Society, so I sent in my dues.

I noticed that the animals in the Iraqi zoo weren't being fed during all the war disaster, and in one picture I saw, the lions looked terribly skinny. But soon that's supposed to be taken care of -- or at least that is what was stated in the news article. I HATE seeing hungry critters, and will always have a soft spot in my heart for any critter that needs food. :-(

I'm going to close with this quote from an online journal I read frequently; it is the BEST description of Colin Powell I've ever read!

A random thought, spurred by the recent events in Syria: Secretary of State Colin Powell is like that weasly kid who hung around the class bully in grade school, who would take you aside during recess and say, "Come on, if you don't give Butch your lunch money, he's just going to beat you up tomorrow morning and take it anyway. Come on, do us all a favor and just give him your lunch money. It'll be a lot easier for everyone that way."
--J.P.'s Journal

More tomorrow, I hope!

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