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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Just a few lines today...been a hectic, busy week. DH has been on vacation, and we've been working around the house. He built a new, larger deck on the back of the house, and I cleaned cabinets, etc... I have most of my indoor spring cleaning done, but still have a few chores to finish up.

Good news! One of the houses/acreage we looked at in a rural area, which was in foreclosure, has finally become available. There were all kinds of deed/legal/mortgage problems, but that seems to be settled now. We went and looked at it again today, and there's 21 acres...although the house needs lots of work. We can do that ourselves, and though it would be rough work...the price is unbeatable at $66,000.00!!! We'd offer only $50,000.00 though, as an initial offer. We'll see, I guess.

And that's it for now. More when I have time.

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