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Monday, April 14, 2003

I got my check today for the article I wrote -- nice, fat check, I might add. Whoopee! Now I have some extra money to spend...all on myself, since any additional income I make is either for savings or myself. That's the benefit of being 'retired.'

I decided to delay my vacation till next week, so DH will be able to take a week of his vacation time too. We have many necessary chores to do around here, like painting the garage, spring cleaning inside and outside the house, etc. But we will make time for at least a one-day trip somewhere -- probably an historic place not too far away. We love to visit such sites, and tour the grounds, or the historic buildings.

It is gorgeous weather here today...mild 70s, beautiful sunshine, no wind. I went on my bike ride this morning, and again had the park trail all to myself. Perfect! I'm staying at 90 lbs, and can't complain (more on this in my CR journal maybe).

Sunday afternoon DH and I went on a drive through the countryside, and ended up at a riverside park, where I took some great photos. I added those to my photo album -- link in the right sidebar if you want to see those.

I have to add a link here to a hilarious website I discovered for cat lovers. It's called My Cat Hates You and it has many, many pictures of cats that testify to that fact! I don't know what is funnier -- the cat pictures or the funny captions! Check it out if you like cats! The first cat I got after marrying DH lived to be 20 years old, Punkin, and she always had the most hateful look on her face. She was a gray-striped tabby, and had tiny white spots above her mouth that made her look as if she was snarling at you. And she also had a contrary nature, would haul off and scratch me (or anyone) without any provocation! I should submit one of her pictures to that site! :-)

And that's it for today. As for Iraq, "I ain't gonna study war no more." Spring is here, and all is fine with the world so far as I'm concerned: "See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil," my new motto.

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