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Thursday, May 30, 2002

Happy, happy day -- I think. Ominous sounds next door, cars with trunks open, a pickup truck at the back door...leads me to hope that our trashy next door couple (who recently spawned) are moving. I DO hope so, anyway. We just had a light thunderstorm, and they had to stop...but are starting at it again. If they are moving, all I can say is: "Good riddance to bad rubbish." And I'm sure they'll be returning to the rural county area, where the girl is from -- redneck ways and all. Back to where they belong, not in the city.

I spent a lot of time yesterday with the kittens...they are growing so fast, and are so CUTE, ADORABLE. I hope to get some more good photos soon, and update the page with those pictures. In the meantime, I'm enjoying them...although it IS a lot of work. (And as a side note, the reason I ended up with kittens is that the trash next door let cats breed under their house, and never tried to take care of the problem). I know it's going to be difficult to give any of the kittens up, but I probably will have to eventually.

I read an article at SPACE.COM recently which really was interesting, about how rare intelligent? life might be in the cosmos. Here's an excerpt:

It took 4.5 billion years for Earth to generate and evolve a life form that could think, reason, and finally fly off the planet. That's a long time, even by cosmic measures. Perhaps too long.

At a time when the only known sentient species has earnestly and optimistically begun to search for life on other planets, several scientists within that species have found a host of reasons to guard the optimism. Throughout the galaxy, hazards to planet formation and sustained evolution are so serious and varied that life may be exceedingly rare. Intelligent life, presumably, would be the rarest of all.

We may, it turns out, be very lucky to be here. However, we may also turn out to be very alone.

Did it ever occur to anyone that we humans MIGHT be a blight on the cosmos, NOT a good development? That we are, in some sense, like the ANTS that multiply and try to infiltrate everything, or a CANCER that runs rampant and does damage to the whole organism? The older I get, the more I have this particular view of humans. NOT all, of course, but the MAJORITY...destructive, and if we ever get out there in the cosmos, who's to say we won't wreak even more damage? Would INTELLIGENT aliens/life even let us do that? I think NOT.

Enough for today, I have to go take care of the kitties.

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